Indianapolis area meetup

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Re: Indianapolis area meetup

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floramaria wrote:Hope someone from your group will post notes about the MeetUp.
With eight people present, there was always more than 1 conversation going! So notes may not be least not from me... :oops:
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Re: Indianapolis area meetup

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I'll second what everyone said. We had engaged, curious people who are in different stages of learning about what can be done to mitigate risk, and eager to learn from others- some with one ApoE4 allele, others with two. We chatted about advice from different experts, types of fasting, specific SNPS, hormones, and topics for a future meetup. Full disclosure. Dale's eyes glazed over- a lot- on the topic of hormones. : )

I teared up, over the opportunity to personally express deep gratitude to Julie for her resourcefulness in starting this site (and what that meant to me) and continuing to educate and respond to members on a daily basis. I was also able to express thanks to Slacker, recognizing all the volunteer time she puts in-- whether that is hours of moderating, helping with interns or thoughtfully reaching out to me at a couple of low points. It is always important to express feelings and bear witness face to face.

So, it was great to meet the people behind the pseudonyms, share, and decide to meet again! No notes, just free flowing, meandering conversations.
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