Exercise EVEN BETTER for 4/4s

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Re: Exercise EVEN BETTER for 4/4s

Post by LillyBritches »

Oh, and I meant to tell y'all something about exercise and female e4s. It's probably gonna be a stretch, but bear with me:

When I was in my mid-20s (I want to say 25?) and living in NYC, I started having horrible PMS and extremely painful secondary dysmenorrhea. Guess it was karmic payback for my poo-pooing all my high school girlfriends who complained about cramps in their teens...I never experienced them...until I hit my mid-20s.

Okay, so in addition to the painful cramps, I would blow up like the Michelin/Stay Puft Marshmallow man. It wasn't unusual at all for me to gain 8-15 lbs. in water weight one-two weeks before my menses. And I was thin-normal in my 20s and fairly fit. This was the dawn of Jane Fonda's aerobic tapes and I was a practitioner of same. Not consistently, but I would do them.

This was also at the start of the whole PMS thing, so I started reading all the books I could find (even then, I was a PITA with the medical learning). There was one gyny who was the tippy-top PMS expert - he wrote one of the landmark books on PMS - damned if I can recall his name. AND his practice just happened to be in NYC. Yay!

So I made an appointment. Got some labs drawn. Did a followup. At the followup, he spent a lot of time with me and asked if I exercised. I said yeah, sporadically, but I do. I'll never forget this - and this was before ApoE hubbub was somewhat mainstream - he very seriously told me: "Lillianne, you must, must, must exercise aerobically most of the time all of your life and never ease up. Your specific biology needs it just to be normal. I cannot emphasize this enough. You need it just to be normal."

So. Did I fit a profile? Was my whacked-out PMS body a female 4/4 body even then? Dunno. But it's kinda eerie to me...

I'm just a oily slick in a windup world with a nervous tick.
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Re: Exercise EVEN BETTER for 4/4s

Post by James »

pal wrote:Wow, interesting article. Thanks Dr. Cain; it doesn't hurt to practice your new name since it's only a few weeks away -- congrats. :D
If you have access to the original study (Etnier), I would be super interested in seeing it as I've been looking for the full text for a while; I previously checked all the co-authors' websites to no avail.
Etnier et al. - 2007 - Cognitive performance in older women relative to ApoE-epsilon4 genotype and aerobic fitness
Dropbox link.
LillyBritches wrote:Wait. We have a doctor in this house (okay, a three-week-to-be-MD)???

My spidey senses are getting all tingly...from excitement! :lol:
Not MD, but PhD (in nutrition). I also have an MS in exercise physiology for what that's worth. I mentioned my dissertation to clarify PhD, and I generally dislike the public use of "doctor" with a PhD in health-related fields since it is often misleading. Still, pretty much every health writer/blogger with a PhD or some other non-MD doctorate tries to gain some extra credibility through this confusion.
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Re: Exercise EVEN BETTER for 4/4s

Post by pal »

Excellent, thanks so much for the Etnier study!

Same theme of increased fitness begets increased cognition:
"Because higher levels of aerobic fitness were demonstrated to be positively associated with the cognitive performance of older adults at the highest genetic risk for AD, these individuals might experience some degree of protection of their cognitive abilities as a function of maintaining (or attaining) higher levels of aerobic fitness."

You worked very hard for your PhD so I think you should enjoy your new title, Dr. Cain. Plus it has a nice ring to it. :D
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Re: Exercise EVEN BETTER for 4/4s

Post by RBK »

James, thanks for the full texts. Appreciate it.

Lilly, that is definitely eerie. Funny, but when I'm consistently( and at a more intense level) exercising, I basically have no PMS symptoms. If I'm slacking, I'm a moody winch, gain 5-ish lbs and am achy with some cramps. I'm 3/4, so maybe those effects are my e-4 playing a role. Interesting. They are absolutely completely gone when I am on a roll working out, and that's always been the case.
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