James Trippi, MD / Indianapolis, IN / Cardiology

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James Trippi, MD / Indianapolis, IN / Cardiology

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I am my primary care doctor's first "known" APOE4. I really like him and we are working through this together. He has the book and understands the Bredesen Protocol. He referred me to a cardiologist that is a lipid specialist to handle that aspect of my care. He said he didn't feel he had enough background in that area to properly treat me. Well, the specialist he referred me to was head of cardiology for a major hospital group here in Indy. He wasn't taking new patients and his nurse was very resistant. I asked her to please send him a note explaining that I am APOE4 positive and need a bit more specialized care. God Bless that man. He got back to me and referred me to a cardiologist in a totally different hospital group and affiliation that he says is educated in genome and treats APOE4s. His name is Dr. James Trippi. He is a cardiologist with St. Vincents. I have an appointment with him on June 20, 2019 and will keep everyone posted as to how it goes. His nurse called for my information and she was knowledgeable and familiar with APOE4 so I am very hopeful!
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Re: Cardiologist, Indianapolis Area - Dr. James Trippi

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tinamalone wrote:I am my primary care doctor's first "known" APOE4... I am very hopeful!
You are very fortunate to have a primary care doctor willing to work through this protocol with you! Good luck with Dr. Trippi and please keep us posted on how it goes. Warm Regard
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