Sunjya Schweig, MD / Berkeley, CA

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Re: Sunjya Schweig, MD / Berkeley, CA

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doobiepug wrote:I have a case of chronic Lyme Disease and I am interested in working with either Sunjya K. Schweig, M.D or RAMZI ASFOUR. Please help me with a recommendation as I am starting to feel desperate
Hi doobiepug! Welcome to the ApoE4 forum!

I don't personally have knowledge of Dr. Schweig or RAMZI ASFOUR, but I do know there are many members who know so much about Lyme Disease and practitioners. I totally understand feeling desperate and have been there myself. My guess is you will get some help and recommendations for doctors here.

If you haven't already explored the forum, here are some areas that you may find helpful. The "How-to" guide in the wiki link is great and helps to get the most out of the Apoe4 website. You may also want to view the Primer, written by one of our physician members and is a great introduction. Also, feel free to introduce yourself to the community in the Our Stories section.

So happy to have you here, doobiepug!
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