My version of a Ketogenic Diet

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Re: My version of a Ketogenic Diet

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MarcR wrote: Mon Jan 31, 2022 12:38 pm I'm also not restricting carbohydrates much.
Thanks for the quick reply...just curious, are you in a low state of ketosis (measurable) or have you incorporated more carbs into your diet than in the past?

I know you've contributed here on the forum quite a bit of really good information around your lipid panels and was wondering if your diet has changed what impact that has had on your lipids?

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Re: My version of a Ketogenic Diet

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I eat more carbs than I did in 2014. I continue to restrict my daily feeding window to eight hours and avoid processed food.

Lipids have been pretty steady since 2013 with some variability but no obvious trend. Here are some ranges along with the most recent in mg/dL:

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Metric		Low-High	9/20/21
Cholesterol	202-273		248
Triglycerides	26-75		66
HDL		70-89		78
Trig/HDL	0.33-1.10	0.85
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