Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Re: Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Emily C wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 1:11 pm Hi Gail,

Thanks for letting the community know that you've signed up for Prodrome testing and the MOD4 project. Please let us know how the process goes for you and whether you find the results helpful. In regards to your question about how much product to take and which kinds, upon receiving your results by email, you will be asked to schedule a consult (I believe approx. 30 mins.) with a member of the Prodrome team who will go over the results with you, and s/he will likely recommend which products to take and how often, based on your results - make sure to ask during the consult if the issue does not get raised. (no extra charge for the consult)
Fingers crossed you have a positive experience!

Hello All,
Here is how the process went for me. I used an mobile pheblomist purchased from and scheduled by Prodrome for $149. The process went smoothly. The blood draw occurred on a Monday morning and I got an email from Prodrome the following Friday that my blood sample had been received and was in good condition. They said their lab was backed up and it would be 10 business days to get the results. Sure enough 2 weeks later I got my results in an email (10 business days later).

The result format has changed from what I heard described in earlier posts (I believe - earlier results may have been labeled "optimal" or not "optimal" and were shown along a continuum line based on percentile - not certain). But the format for results changed sometime in Jan 2022. The new format is described in an educational video entitled
Prodromescan Report Interpretation Updated Jan 2022.
at this location

To me just looking at the Prodromescan lab results without watching the above video was not helpful. The lab results are presented both as a percentile scan and then as a Z-score indicating your standard deviation from the mean. But there are no "normal ranges" indicating where your results fall as there are in most other lab results I've seen.

But the video was helpful in interpreting scores. Dr. Goodenowe reviews 3 typical (I am guessing) Prodromescan results. He looks at patterns of results especially to evaluate Mitochondrial and Peroxismal function. I didn't fit neatly into these patterns. Perhaps I might listen a second and third time to this video to really glean all the information this report has to offer. I have not yet had my consultation and I am confident the consultation will help. I think watching the above video first before listening to the consultation will help me to have better and more informed questions.
A couple of quick takeaways:
Dr. Goodenow seems to be critical of statins (thinks they maybe harmful to Mitochondrial health). He seems to believe there is a sweet spot for HDL (between 50 and 100 but not over 100). He seems to believe Total Cholesterol should be optimally around 220 to 250.

I hope my simple review is helpful to a few who are just starting their journey with Plasmalogens.
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Re: Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Hi Gail,

Your review is super helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to give us a good understanding of your experience. So much good info! I did my first round of blood test/results/consult in the summer of 2021, so I am grateful for the tip that Dr. Goodenowe's educational video was updated in January of this year, and for the hyperlink. I looked at the video and I agree with you, that it is very helpful to understanding our individual reports.

The individual consult will help personalize the info from the video! Also, a fantastic tip that I received from 2 other members is to ask that the consult be recorded. In my experience, Dr. Goodenowe has so many tips as he is talking - it is hard to jot it all down. Don't do what I did - I assumed the consult was being recorded and like a dummy, asked if I was correct on that point only near the end of the session. Ask at the beginning to ensure the consult gets recorded. You might even state your interest in the consult being recorded in your response to the person from Prodrome who will contact you by email to schedule the consult. Doing so might avoid any mix-up about your interest in it being recorded.

Many thanks again, for your very helpful review. Please let us know how your consult goes!
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