Virtual Meet-up (formerly called Book Club: The End of Alzheimer's Program)

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Re: Virtual Meet-up (formerly called Book Club: The End of Alzheimer's Program)

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A few of the notes from our August 7 Virtual Meet-up. So nice to see all of you who were able to attend!

Cognitive Testing that we discussed:
CNS Vital Signs Test--Available free for Apollo Health ReCODE Members or maybe from your doctor
CQ Test--Available free (once) on the Apollo site (or available monthly to Apollo PreCODE members)

Reverse Alzheimer’s 2.0 Summit Recordings from
Julie Gregory, Julie Luby and many others spoke at this summit

More information on Plasmalogens can be found here.

Continuous Glucose Monitors
Check to see if your doctor will prescribe one and your insurance will pay for one (don't necessarily have to have diabetes or prediabetes).
Another suggestion for how to get monitors:
CGM without a script Sold in pairs only.

If interested in reading more on KAATSU
FYI KAATSU especially (and resistance training exercise in general) elevates plasmalogen levels.

Lean Mass Hyper Responders:
Short YouTube video by Dave Feldman on the Lipid Energy Model explaining why LDL Cholesterol Increases on a Low Carb Diet/Keto diet. The video introduces/discusses his recently published paper.
Dave Feldman - Website: The Cholesterol Code

Try a new vegetable: Jicama--it's a good source of prebiotic fiber

Daylight Savings Time
Here’s a link with info about the “Sunshine Protection Act,” the bill to keep Daylight Savings Time all year long in USA. It hasn’t passed the House yet. And when it does, it’ll go into effect November 2023, not 2022.

Other Resources:
Intellipure systems for HVAC units
Jill Crista mold detox program
Pahla B Fitness program

Next meeting of the Virtual Meet-Up Group will be in October--date TBD. Subscribe to this thread to get notified of the date.
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