Online RECODE practitioner with affordable prices

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Online RECODE practitioner with affordable prices

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I am trying to follow the protocol by myself but I have a lot of doubts and need help to refine my blood work and supplements stack.

In my country there isn’t any practitioner with the RECODE certification.

I tried one in a country nearby but the prices were completely out of my league.

Do you recommend a practitioner that works online and has affordable prices?

Thanks a lot,
Maria 4/4
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Re: Online RECODE practitioner with affordable prices

Post by TheresaB »

Maria4/4 wrote: Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:23 am Do you recommend a practitioner that works online and has affordable prices?
I hope you can find the help you need. I'm sorry I cannot recommend a practitioner. I'm a 4/4 do-it-yourselfer, have been for many years. Maybe someone who sees this can.

In the meantime, I can direct you to some resources from our wiki:

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Re: Online RECODE practitioner with affordable prices

Post by tryingtobehealthy »

Hi Maria,
which country are you in? Now with telehealth and zoom consultations you could access more affordable health practitioners in different countries. By the way, Im in Australia. I’ve found some good help that isn’t so costly with family doctors who have decided to specialise in different areas. For example, I have a family doctor who only sees menopause patients. There’s another one I see who has incredible cardiovascular knowledge and is up with the latest on cholesterol and low carb living (and not trying to put me on a statin).
I’’m 3/4 and have read Dr Bredesen’s book over and over again for the last 5 years. I agree, it’s a real challenge to go it alone and try to do all the things. I recently bought Dr Bredesen’s 2 new books, for renewed inspiration. Even after 5 years I’m still forgetting to do some of the things, and it’s like we are fighting that uphill battle every day to stay one step ahead. I’ve been meaning to start a spreadsheet for so long now to record all my results and work through each step. I find listening to a lot of youtube contributors (like Dr Andrew Huberman, Dr David Sinclair, Dr Steven Gundry and of course any interviews with Dr Bredesen) to serve as reminders and inspiration to implement ideas into daily living. I recently searched on APOE4 and downloaded any podcasts on the subject to listen to while I do housework etc). I found Julie Gregory’s podcast (of this website) to be so interesting and insightful. I hope these tips help. I find different prompts (reading/watching/listening) keep me able to implement as much as I can. Even finding some others in your circle whom you can share tips with serves as a reminder to yourself to keep doing the right things. I hope I encourage you to become your own expert and keep up the motivation to live a preventative lifestyle, even when it feels like you are going overboard or people think you are worrying unnecessarily. We know ourselves what we are capable of, and when things aren’t right. Don’t let anyone take that power away from you.
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