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Re: Need Help getting Started

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Hi NF52,
Thanks for the comments,

I'm going to do some additional research on everything you mention in your response below and get back to the forum.

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Re: Need Help getting Started

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Repomann wrote: Sun Jan 29, 2023 8:04 am Hi FloraMaria,
Nancy Rizzo was referred to me by an Apollo, Recode 2.0 pending Dr. who is using Dr. Rizzo's Best Scan for diagnostics. Yes you have located the correct Nancy Rizzo. It looks to me to be legit but as the late Ronald Reagan said.... "Trust but Verify" (Just finished reading Bill O'Reilly's book.. "Killing Reagan" great read and its goes into great detail about how he and Nancy Reagan dealt with his Alzheimer's)

thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Repomann, “Trust but Verify”. That seems like you are giving Nancy Rizzo the benefit of the doubt by beginning with Trust. Very generous of you! Personally, I tend to start with more skepticism. Given the deeper research NF52 did into Nancy Rizzo’s “doctorates”, I’d really proceed with extreme caution, if at all. In her post, NF52 points you to a more established, surer path to good results. NF52 has led you to a great resource, the Primer. It has common sense advice that you could start with right away.
With the Primer and Dr Bredesen’s books to guide you, you can take many steps towards preventing and/or reversing cognitive decline.

I hadn’t known that Bill O’Reilly’s book dealt with Reagan’s Alzheimer’s. Sounds like a good book.
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