elevated LDL from fasting versus exogenous fat consumption

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Re: elevated LDL from fasting versus exogenous fat consumption

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I've just found an article about saturated fat intake and its role on immune system in mice,
Here are some quotes:
mice fed the Western diet, mice fed the ketogenic diet, and mice treated with palmitic acid all had high levels of inflammatory cytokines, immunological hormones that can cause fever and systemic inflammation during sepsis.
The fat acts as a "brief pulse of inflammation" that alters the function of stem cells in the mouse's bone marrow so that they produce more inflammatory innate immune cells in the future. This means that when the innate immune system encounters a second inflammation stimulus later on, it responds much more strongly. Sometimes, as in the case of sepsis, this response is too strong.
"The fat is reprogramming their stem cells to produce more inflammatory innate immune cells, and those innate immune cells -- when they're put in this sepsis disease model -- produce more cytokines, more fever and higher mortality rates."
But that isn't the whole story -- because inflammation isn't always a bad thing.
"If you just have an infection, more inflammation is better because you can clear the infection faster," says Napier.
"It's this double-edged sword where if you have exposure to high fat and then exposure to a disease where more inflammation exacerbates the disease, then it's a bad thing,"
Full study here

I know mice is not human and sepsis is not AD, but really some patterns similar to APOE4 can be observed.
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