Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Re: Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Unfortunately, participation is closed for the ProdromeScan trial.
One quick clarification. When Emily stated the above, she was referring to our request for a few volunteers to help us kick-off the project by participating in an experiment that we could use (with pre and post results) to help us launch the MOD4 project. It is very much OPEN to anyone who wants to participate.
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Re: Soft Launch of Our Metabolomic Project

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Emily C wrote: Fri Feb 23, 2024 1:12 pm To order the ProdromeScan kit at a 25% discounted rate, contact customer service by phone or email - both forms of contact are provided on the Prodrome website. My suggestion is to contact by email.
Identify yourself as a member of the group project, and provide the discount code APOE4GROUP25.
An additional tip when ordering ProdromeScan kits:

There is a customer service representative from Prodrome, Jessica, that is most knowledgeable about our group and the Mod4 project. It might facilitate the process to order your kit through her. If you call to order, ask for Jessica or leave a voicemail with attention to her; if you email customer service, add Attention: Jessica in the body of your message.
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