New here one copy apoe4 and strong family history - some questions pls

Newcomer introductions, personal anecdotes, caregiver issues, lab results, and n=1 experimentation.
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Re: New here one copy apoe4 and strong family history - some questions pls

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TCHC wrote: Fri Mar 01, 2024 10:03 am
ComberBird wrote: Sat Feb 24, 2024 10:35 am hello all
I am a 49 mother of 2 kids under ten and sadly lost my father very recently, who had mixed fronto-temporal and vascular dementia. I have also tested positive to having one copy of the apoe4 gene.

There is a family history of AD related illness in our family. My fraternal grandmother was diagnosed in her 70’s - and two of my father’s 5 siblings have died - one from dementia and the other from Parkinson with Lewy bodies.

My father lead a life under extreme stress due to his profession and was a very high functioning but nonetheless alcoholic for around 25 years. The lifestyle of my aunt and uncle I know less about, although my aunt who was a lecturer was also fit slim and very active her whole life until her early 70s when she was diagnosed. My uncle had bowel cancer prior to his dementia diagnosed and while we do not know we suspect my father also had bowel cancer (his final cause of death was brain cancer discovered only a few weeks back but he has been in a nursing home for 3 years with dementia before his death).

For me personally I developed concerns about my health prior to my father’s illness due to post pregnancy brain fog - I had my children late with my daughter now 7 and son 10. I already knew I was in the early stages of perimenopause when I had them as they were born via IVF and lots of access to hormone levels etc. I started combined hrt at 46 and feel better sharper and rested but still my brain isn’t what it was. I am struggling recalling names rapidly (they arrive but less rapidly than historically) and my nano second sharp humour is not quite the same. But I do tend to find that this fades in and out and I can’t explain why. That said I have a very successful career operating a board level in a global organisation. My job is no doubt stressful but also enormously rewarding, sociable and creates endless opportunities to learn.

I am fit, active, drink in moderation, conscious of sleeping well as I suffer badly without it and slim.

I have annual medical and have always been confounded firstly by body composition which despite having a bmi of 21 is 38%, my total cholesterol - UK readings is 6 with a bad mix of LDL and HDL and in addition I am showing signs of having a fatty liver (for the first time this year) - my cholesterol has worsen from 5 to 6 over the past decade and the mix is worsening - as I am otherwise very well no treatment has been suggested for it. Much of my healthy focus has also been down to fertility issues and vanity as I carry almost all my fat from breast bone and my hip bones and this applety-shape has increased with age <although hip/waist is in range>.

But my father’s recent death has prompted me to look much deeper into all things apoe4 and made the connection between genes and cholesterol.
And this forum!

I am the UK and wondering what to do next for advice.

I have just received the various books recommended here but have a few specific questions were guidance would be welcome

1. Who are the UK experts and medical doctors I could consult? Is there any experience from users here?
2. On the basis I already live in a very healthy way ( I intermittent fast frequently, exercise, I can cut down further on fat and alcohol and most of my vitamin levels are good) how much more can diet and excerize do for me and my cholesterol
3. Any other advice would be welcome

Thank you C
Hi ComberBird

I'm also in the UK, so if you want to, I can point you to some UK resources. I'll message you now, just respond to that if you're happy to.

Oh, and, cutting down on saturated fat is fine, but your brain needs fats. Are you getting plenty of mono & polyunsaturates? Extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil (or powder), avocado, nuts, seeds, fatty fish?
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Re: New here one copy apoe4 and strong family history - some questions pls

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One thing to look into is Vitamin K. I have started looking into this for myself. My story is similar to yours, Comberbird.

Here is a link to a site that talks about cardiac issues, but also talks in detail about APOE4. I read through it, and it has prompted me to research in this direction. I have not purchased his product. I’m verifying his information, and other vitamin k sources and supplements. ... -Part-Deux
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