p-tau tracking discord group

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p-tau tracking discord group

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Hi-- I've written on here before about starting to track my p-tau. I want to see if I can do any interventions to lower it. Currently I'm taking a lot dose of tirzepatide (mounjaro), which is like ozempic, since ozempic is being studied for alzheimers in a phase 3 trial.

I'm hoping to find other folks who are interested in tracking their tau levels. If you would like to join a discord channel, I just created one:

Here's my previous post with my tau results:

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Re: p-tau tracking discord group

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Awesome idea! Just joined and posted my pTau-217 results which I am starting to track over time.
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Re: p-tau tracking discord group

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I'm hoping to find other folks who are interested in tracking their tau levels.
Great idea. I'm certainly interested. Have you tested yet or identified the test you plan to use? I warmly invite you (and all) to keep the discussion here as opposed to branching off to a different site :D
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Re: p-tau tracking discord group

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Hi there - I am also going to be tracking my pTau-217 levels and just received my first results back. Still awaiting the pTau-181 that was done at the same time. I completed the tests through BC Neuroimmunology who contracts to Neurocode. I was unfortunately just a little ahead of the curve for the reporting format that is newly available from Apollo Health through Neurocode - see link:


"High-sensitivity p-tau 217 makes all the difference:
Unlike standard p-tau 217 tests, which do not turn positive until significant symptoms have occurred, high-sensitivity p-tau 217 by Neurocode is more sensitive, and thus is perfect for prevention, treatment, and follow-up for everyone—those who are asymptomatic, those who have SCI, those who have MCI, and those who have dementia.

High-sensitivity p-tau 217 allows us to see Alzheimer’s coming years ahead of time, so that we can all avoid it. This is why we recommend it over all other p-tau 217 tests."

Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of how to think about my pTau-217 vs. my age. My test result came back at 0.10 ng/L. I know that it falls below the labcorp 0.18 pg/ml (ng/L and pg/ml are the same) that was posted here - but just not sure where this fits in the preclinical / SCI spectrum and have not been able to find a lot that shows the actual blood level. Lots of pretty charts..... but harder to find the actual data points.

Thanks so much!
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