Any thoughts on lecithin (phosphatidylcholine)?

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Re: Any thoughts on lecithin (phosphatidylcholine)?

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Lulu wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2023 6:57 am Very good information to consider, Susan, thank you! I'm going to look into doing the Genova Profile, and see where I stand. I do eat a very healthy diet with lots of fiber, so I assume I would have a good report, but you just never know till you test.

Right now, I'm just hoping I haven't done too much damage with these supplements. I was having occasional issues with equilibrium and nausea (and some facial tingling), and it was happening after popping my supps, so that is why I connected the supps with the symptoms. Very scary. I see the cardiologist today, thankfully. I'm also reading that people can be increasing their TMAO levels with diet and supplements and be completely asymptomatic for a long time. Also scary.

Thanks again for you input, very helpful.

Hi Lulu,

Thanks for the useful information you posted. I am so sorry about my confusion regarding the study (mouses/humans).

How was your visit to the cardiologist? Are you still having these scary symptoms?

Maria 4/4
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