Optimizing OxLDL

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Re: Optimizing OxLDL

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grommet wrote:Personally I don’t focus too much on ApoA1 and its ratio to ApoB. From what I’ve read, high ApoA1 isn’t necessarily protective in context to an already high ApoB. Focus on reducing ApoB and the rest will take care of itself.

I have a coworker who is VERY proud of his ultra-high HDL-C and corresponding ratios, induced by what he says is a “very healthy” clean meat-based diet. His HDL-C is 105 but his LDL-C is close to 350!!! His LDL-P (a similar bio marker to ApoB) is > 3500 which basically means he exceeded the upper bounds of the test.
Thanks, and yikes! I think it's important that we don't let our egos (eg, pride) get attached to our interpretations. The body is still far more complex than we know, despite how much we are learning. My guess is often that in some areas we are still planting picks somewhere in the tip of the iceberg ;)
ApoE 3/4 > Thanks in advance for any responses made to my posts.
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Re: Optimizing OxLDL

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Marinochka - Did you ever determine whether it was the Pycnogenol or the DHA plasminogen that lowered your oxLDL?
Marinochka wrote: Fri Nov 19, 2021 2:16 pm I think that oxLDL is closely related to inflammation. I also read that it depends on LDL-P number. The more particles you have the more they get oxidized. My LDL-P number is usually high and runs around 1600-1700. My oxLDL was between 67-74. My inflammatory markers are usually low. I always wanted to improve my oxLDL and started taking 100mg of Pycnogenol and than decided to add DHA plasmologen for overall prevention. Interestingly enough my OxLDL dropped to 42 despite my LDL-P stayed the same. Now I wonder what did the trick. DHA plasmologen or pycnogenol.
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Re: Optimizing OxLDL

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No. I never found out. I am still taking both and my oxLDL stays around 48 for last couple of years.
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