Gauging Interest in a Trial with Valter Longo, PhD

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Re: Gauging Interest in a Trial with Valter Longo, PhD

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As an alternative to Dr Longo’s FMD, my husband just did a five day FMD with a kit from Dr Q Longevity:
He has previously done ProLon FMD 5 times over the last few years.
Dr Q Longevity FMD does not include any grains. It’s bars contain fruit and nuts.
Each day’s food intake includes two large salads. Of course, since this FMD is primarily fresh food, it requires a whole lot of prep time , which most of us are used to, but which is one of the things many people like about Valter Longo’s ProLon program. Dr Q Longevity provides a fruit and nut bar, a small of piece of dark chocolate and a berry drink and 2 bags of herbal tea each day. The daily caloric intake is approx 700 calories. The program includes a fasting food shopping list, which includes olives, nuts, and a wide variety of vegetables that the FMD follower used to make the salad. Because this Approach is whole food based and grain free, it is closer to how I usually eat, except that it only includes the small amount of fat that is in the 3 pistachios per day and 1 walnut half, the approx 1/2 avocado and 5 kalamata olives.
For me it was an interesting approach. For my husband, who was the one doing it as I was a non-fasting bystander,
the pros were: no constipation (a problem for him w/ProLon) , less muscle cramping, fresh vegetables and fruit ( a few strawberries each day ) and inclusion of a home blood collection kit to measure
HsCRP, Hba1c, GGT, and Triglyceride:HDL, good tasting food bars.
The cons: less variety, vastly more work/prep rather than the “just add water” packets of ProLon, Kit is not all inclusive since so much fresh food is part of the plan, so a shopping trip is required.
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