Hope! Health/healing is in all of us, NOW. Documentary: Defying All Odds, Dr Wahls

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Re: Hope! Health/healing is in all of us, NOW. Documentary: Defying All Odds, Dr Wahls

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KWP wrote: This is my first day as a member. I joined after reading The End of Alzheimer’s which my primary care physician recommended. I saw first-hand what the disease did to my mother. Knowing I carry the gene has made me scared and anxious. But knowing this group exists and seeing all the hopeful information makes me realize I can fight this and WIN!! Thank you!
Welcome, KWP!

How lucky you are to have a PCP who is encouraging you to learn what you can about Alzheimer's Disease (AD). I, too saw my mother suffer with dementia and initially found it scary to know I carry one copy of the ApoE4 allele. Reading the book and joining this forum are excellent starting points to begin your fight against AD. You will find the members of this group have all kinds of information and experiences to share and are a very supportive group.

As a welcome intern, I'd like to help familiarize you with some useful resources on this forum. First of all, the primer, authored by a member physician who carries two copies of the APOE-ε4 allele offers accessible science background and prioritized sensible preventative measures.

Next, the WIKI is a searchable resource containing information pertaining to all sorts of aspects of AD.

Many members find the Our Stories page a great place to read about other's experiences. You are more than welcome to post your story here, too.

If you are a Facebook user, many interesting studies are posted on our Facebook page.

Whatever way you choose to use this forum, I am confident you will find it helpful in your journey toward finding the ways to fight AD that are best for you. Please feel free to respond with any questions you may have.

All the best,

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