Thyroid and DHEA sulfate replacemente therapy?

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Thyroid and DHEA sulfate replacemente therapy?

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Hi everyone,

My last blood work was pretty good, except for some hormones:
Free T3 2,5
Free T4 2,05
DHEA sulfate 65

My TFH is 1,435 so I think I don't have hypothyroidism, but this indicator is increasing. One year ago it was 1,24. I am a little bit worried about this. My blood pressure use to be very low and now it is high... I imagine this could be related to my thyroid indicatores.

Considering the Bredeson protocol recommendations, these 3 hormones are too low. I made an appointment to see a endocrinologist, but I wanted to have your opinion first. Should I ask for hormone replacement therapy for these hormones?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Maria 4/4
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