Want to understand aging better?

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Want to understand aging better?

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The number one risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease is not E4, but aging. Many of us come to this website to better understand our common alelle, which is understandable. But E4 contributes to more than Alzheimer's Disease and there's so more to us than our E4 allele so I thought I'd spread the word on this FREE online class by the Buck Institute on Aging, Introduction to the Biology of Aging

The course for non-scientists.

One snippet from the website:
Currently we are working toward translating the breakthrough discoveries made in our labs into therapeutics that can prevent, delay, or even reverse age-related diseases. In this course, we introduce our work, and that of thousands of other scientists across the globe, which is aimed at helping us maintain healthy bodies and minds throughout our lives.

I am not currently taking this class nor am I associated with the Buck institute, so I can offer no first hand knowledge, but it looks interesting, so I thought I'd share it.

If anyone is taking this class, please provide some feedback on what you think.
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